Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone: Chapter Two

Vitrum Evanescens CAPUT ALTERUM -1

Nearly ten years had passed since the Dursleys had woken up to find their nephew on the front step,
paene decem annos praeterierant ex quo durslei experrecti filium sororis dominae dursley in gradu antico invenerant

but Privet Drive had hardly changed at all.
sed gestatio ligustrorum vix ullo modo mutata erat

The sun rose on the same tidy front gardens and lit up the brass number four on the Dursleys' front door;
sol oriens in eosdem hortos tam nitidos ante domum iacentes spectabat et aeneum numerum quattuor in ostio dursleorum infixum illuminabat

it crept into their living room,
in sessorium eorum irrepsit

which was almost exactly the same as it had been on the night when Mr. Dursley had seen that fateful news report about the owls.
quod paene immutatum manserat ex illa nocte qua dominus dursley nuntium illum ominosum de strigibus viderat

Only the photographs on the mantelpiece really showed how much time had passed.
solum imagines photographicae in pluteo positae qui supra caminum exstabat vere demonstraverunt quantum temporis praeteriisset

Ten years ago,
decem abhinc annos

there had been lots of pictures of what looked like a large pink beach ball wearing different-colored bonnets
multae fuerant imagines rei magno folli litoreo rosei coloris similis tecto pileis multicoloribus globulis ornatis

- but Dudley Dursley was no longer a baby,
-sed dudley dursley non iam erat infans ,

and now the photographs showed a large blond boy riding his first bicycle,
et nunc imagines ostendebant puerum amplum flavis capillis in birotula quam primam habebat vehentem ,

on a carousel at the fair,
circumvectione mechanica in ludicro publico utentem

playing a computer game with his father,
cum patre ludo computatorio certantem ,

being hugged and kissed by his mother.
amplexus et oscula matris accipientem .

The room held no sign at all that another boy lived in the house, too.
toto illo spatio nusquam erat signum pueri alterius in eisdem aedibus habitantis .

Yet Harry Potter was still there,
sed harrius potter adhuc aderat ,

asleep at the moment,
illo tempore dormiens

but not for long.
sed non diutius dormiturus .

His Aunt Petunia was awake and it was her shrill voice that made the first noise of the day.
matertera enim petunia evigilaverat et vox eius arguta primum sonitum matutinum fecit .

"Up! Get up! Now!"
'expergiscere surge statim '

Harry woke with a start.
harrius subito experrectus est .

His aunt rapped on the door again.
matertera rursus ianuam pulsavit .

"Up!" she screeched.
'surge !' clamavit stridens .

Harry heard her walking toward the kitchen and then the sound of the frying pan being put on the stove.
harrius eam audivit ad culinam euntem et tum sonitum sarnginis in foco impositae .

He rolled onto his back and tried to remember the dream he had been having.
versus in tergum somnium recens meminisse conatus est .

It had been a good one.
optimum fuerat somnium .

There had been a flying motorcycle in it.
in eo fuerat birotula automataria .

He had a funny feeling he'd had the same dream before.
nescio quo modo sensit se idem somnium prius habuisse .

His aunt was back outside the door.
matertera regressa ante ianuam stabat .

"Are you up yet?" she demanded.
'an iam surrexisti ?' rogavit .

"Nearly," said Harry.
'paene ,' inquit harrius .

"Well, get a move on,
'festina modo .

I want you to look after the bacon.
tuum est laridum curare ,

And don't you dare let it burn,
cave ne illud torreas .

I want everything perfect on Duddy's birthday."
volo die natali duddliculi omnia optime fieri .'

Harry groaned.
harrius gemitum edidit .

"What did you say?"
'quid dixisti ?'

his aunt snapped through the door.
voce mordaci rogavit matertera per ianuam .

"Nothing, nothing . . ."
'nihil , nihil ...'

Dudley's birthday -
dies natalis dudlei -

how could he have forgotten?
num eum oblitus erat ?

Harry got slowly out of bed and started looking for socks.
harrius lente e lecto surrexit et tibialia quaerere coepit .

He found a pair under his bed and
bina sub lecto invenit et ,

after pulling a spider off one of them,
cum araneum ab uno detraxisset ,

put them on.
ea induit .

Harry was used to spiders,
harrius assuetus erat araneis

because the cupboard under the stairs was full of them,
quod armarium sub scalis situm erat plenum eorum ,

and that was where he slept.
et ibi harrius dormiebat .

When he was dressed he went down the hall into the kitchen.
vestitus per atrium iit in culinam .

The table was almost hidden beneath all Dudley's birthday presents.
mensa paene celata est donis quae plurima die natali dudley accepturus erat .

It looked as though Dudley had gotten the new computer he wanted,
dudley visus est habere novum instrumentum computatorium quod volebat ,

not to mention the second television and the racing bike.
ne dicam alterum instrumentum televisificum et birotulam cursoriam .

Exactly why Dudley wanted a racing bike was a mystery to Harry,
veram causam cur dudley birotulam cursoriam vellet harrius nesciebat

as Dudley was very fat and hated exercise -
quod dudley obesissimus erat et exercitationem omnem oderat -

unless of course it involved punching somebody.
scilicet nisi occasionem habebat aliquem pulsandi .

Dudley's favorite punching bag was Harry,
praesertim placebat ei pulsare harrium ,

but he couldn't often catch him.
sed raro eum capiebat .

Harry didn't look it,
harrius , quamquam speciem cursoris non habebat ,

but he was very fast.
re vera erat celerrimus .

Perhaps it had something to do with living in a dark cupboard,
comparatus cum aequalibus harrius semper fuerat parvus et macer ,

but Harry had always been small and skinny for his age.
quod fortasse nescio quo modo coniunctum est cum vita eius in armario obscuro .

He looked even smaller and skinnier than he really was because all he had to wear were old clothes of Dudley's, and Dudley was about four times bigger than he was.
visus est vel minor et macrior quam re vera erat quod vestes quas solas habebat reiectae erant a dudleo qui circa quater amplior erat quam ipse .

Harry had a thin face,
faciem tenuem habebat harrius ,

knobbly knees,
genua nodosa ,

black hair,
capillos nigros ,

and bright green eyes.
oculos viridissimos .

He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Scotch tape because of all the times Dudley had punched him on the nose.
perspicilla rotunda gerebat multis fasciolis adhaerentibus conglutinata quod dudley nasum totiens pulsaverat .

The only thing Harry liked about his own appearance was a very thin scar on his forehead that was shaped like a bolt of lightning.
in facie sua harrius id solum amabat :

He had had it as long as he could remember,
cicatricem tenuissimam in fronte exceptam cuius figura erat fulguri similis .

and the first question he could ever remember asking his Aunt Petunia was how he had gotten it.
cicatricem tam diu habuerat quam meminisse poterat et meminerat primam quaestionem a se materterae petuniae propositam fuisse quomodo eam excepisset .

"In the car crash when your parents died,"
'in ea collisione autocinetorum qua interfecti sunt parentes tui .'

she had said.
quod locuta addiderat

"And don't ask questions."
'noli curiosus esse .'

Don't ask questions -
noli curiosus esse -

that was the first rule for a quiet life with the Dursleys.
ea erat prima lex si quis volebat tranquillam vitam apud dursleos agere .

Uncle Vernon entered the kitchen as Harry was turning over the bacon.
avunculus vernon culinam iniit ubi harrius laridum versabat .

"Comb your hair!" he barked,
'capillos pecte !'

by way of a morning greeting.
pro salutatione matutina latravit .

About once a week, Uncle Vernon looked over the top of his newspaper and shouted that Harry needed a haircut.
circa semel in hebdomade avunculus vernon supra acta diurna spectans clamabat capillos harrii recidendos esse .

Harry must have had more haircuts than the rest of the boys in his class put together,
non dubium erat quin harrius plures pateretur tonsuras quam universi pueri classis suae ,

but it made no difference,
sed nihil intererat ,

his hair simply grew that way -
nam crines nihilominus crescebant -

all over the place.
passim neque ordine ullo .

Harry was frying eggs by the time Dudley arrived in the kitchen with his mother.
harrius ova frigebat cum dudley in culinam advenit cum matre .

Dudley looked a lot like Uncle Vernon.
dudley simillimus erat avunculo vernon .

He had a large pink face,
faciem amplam habebat rosei coloris

not much neck, small,
non multum cervicis ,

watery blue eyes,
ocellos subcaeruleos ,

and thick blond hair that lay smoothly on his thick, fat head.
crinem pinguem et flavum qui iacebat comptus in capite crasso et obeso .

Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel -
matertera petunia dictitabat dudleum habere faciem angeli infantis -

Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig.
harrius dictitabat dudleum similem esse suis capillamentum gerentis .

Harry put the plates of egg and bacon on the table,
harrius pateras ovorum et laridi in mensa posuit ,

which was difficult as there wasn't much room.
quod erat difficile quia non multum erat spatium .

Dudley, meanwhile, was counting his presents.
interea dudley dona sua numerabat .

His face fell.
vultus signa doloris dedit .

"Thirty-six," he said,
'triginta sex ,' inquit ,

looking up at his mother and father.
suspiciens matrem et patrem .

"That's two less than last year."
'proximo anno habui triginta octo .'

"Darling, you haven't counted Auntie Marge's present,
'at , carissime , omisisti donum amitae margaritae .

ecce ,

it's here under this big one from Mommy and Daddy."
latet sub hoc magno dono materculae et paterculi .'

"All right, thirty-seven then,"
'ergo triginta septem habeo ,'

said Dudley,
inquit dudley ,

going red in the face.
erubescens .

Harry, who could see a huge Dudley tantrum coming on, began wolfing down his bacon as fast as possible in case Dudley turned the table over.
harrius suspicans dudleum tumultum magnum facturum esse coepit laridum lupi modo devorare veritus ne dudley mensam inverteret .

Aunt Petunia obviously scented danger, too, because she said quickly,
matertera petunia quoque periculum sentire videbatur quod dixit festinans ,

"And we'll buy you another two presents while we're out today.
'et hodie in foro insuper duo dona tibi ememus .

How's that, popkin?
quid dicis , corculum ?

Two more presents.
duo dona additicia .

Is that all right?"
an placet tibi ?'

Dudley thought for a moment.
per momentum dudley cogitavit .

It looked like hard work.
videbatur res laboriosa .

Finally he said slowly,
tandem lente locutus est ,

"So I'll have thirty . . . thirty . . ."
'itaque habebo triginta ... triginta ...'

"Thirty-nine, sweetums," said Aunt Petunia.
'triginta novem , melculum ' inquit matertera petunia .

"Oh." Dudley sat down heavily and grabbed the nearest parcel.
'oh .' dudley graviter consedit et proximum rapuit fasciculum .

"All right then."
'ita bene est .'

Uncle Vernon chuckled.
avunculus vernon cachinnavit .

"Little tyke wants his money's worth, just like his father.
'puer improbus vult pretium operae non aliter ac pater .

'Atta boy, Dudley!"
'euge , dudley !'

He ruffled Dudley's hair.
capillos dudlei agitavit .

At that moment the telephone rang and Aunt Petunia went to answer it while Harry and Uncle Vernon watched Dudley unwrap the racing bike,
illo momento telephonium sonuit et matertera petunia abiit responsum dum harrius et avunculus vernon spectant dudleum detegentem birotulam cursoriam ,

a video camera,
cinematographicam machinulam ,

a remote control airplane,
aeroplanum ex longinquo directum ,

sixteen new computer games,
sedecim novos ludos computatorios ,

and a VCR.
televisificum exceptaculum .

He was ripping the paper off a gold wristwatch when Aunt Petunia came back from the telephone looking both angry and worried.
tegimentum deripiebat ab aureo horologio bracchiali cum matertera petunia a telephonio rediit facie et irata et sollicita .

"Bad news, Vernon," she said.
'vernon ,' inquit 'infelicem accepi nuntium .'

"Mrs. Figg's broken her leg.
domina figg crus fregit .

She can't take him."
non potest eum excipere .'

She jerked her head in Harry's direction.
motu capitis harrium indicavit .

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