An 8-Day Tour of Mauritius

(23-31 August, 2014)
香港 Hong Kong to 毛里求斯 Mauritius
MK641: August 23 (Sat.) 01:30 HKG - 06:45 MRU

Mauritius to Hong Kong
MK640: August 31 (Sun.) 20:45 MRU - 10:45(+1) HKG


Fact sheet of the Coral Azur Beach Resort

THE ITINERARY (revised on 21 August, 2014)

Sat 23 August
06H45 - Airport (Arrival by Mk 641)
07H45 - leave Airport (16 mins. to Vieux Grand Port)
08H00 - Trou aux Cerfs 火山口 - the volcano crater in Curepipe
10H00 - leave Curepipe (60 mins. to Grand Bay )
11H00 - Tourist village of Grand Bay 大灣
* Lunch time at Grand Bay
14H00 - leave Grand Bay (5 mins. to Hotel )
14H05 - Hotel: Coral Azur Beach Resort 藍珊瑚度假酒店, Mont Choisy (Bungalow, free wifi)

17H30 - sunset
20H30 - stargazing 觀星
- Basic Astrology
- Stargazing at the sky of the southern hemisphere
- Stargazing tools

Sun 24 August
08H30 - leave Hotel (to Ming Tek 30 mins.)
09H30 - Mass At Ming Tek Centre 明德中心 (Rue Eugène Laurent, Port Louis)
11H00 - Fort Adelaide 砲台
* Lunch time at Port Louis
14H00 - Shrine of Father Laval 黑人之父朝聖地 at Sainte Croix
14H40 - leave Sainte Croix (20 mins. to Suger Museum)
15H00 - Sugar Museum and Factory 糖業博物館 (Beau Plan Pamplemousses ) Adult: 350 Rupees
17H00 - leave Beau Plan (20 mins. to Hotel)
17H20 - Hotel
20H30 - stargazing 觀星

Mon 25 August
09H00 - leave Hotel (30 mins. to Port Louis)
09H30 - Appravasi Ghat 契約勞工發源地 (Immigration Depot, 1834)
11H00 - Post Office Museum 郵政博物館 / Port Louis Museum 路易港博物館 - 500 years of the natural history of Mauritius (Port Louis)

* Lunch time at China Town
13H30 - Visit to Sui Loong Elderly Home 瑞龍護老院
15H45 - St Louis Cathedral 聖路易主教座堂 and Presbytery
16H30 - leave Port Louis (30 mins. to Hotel)
17H00 - Hotel
20H30 - stargazing 觀星

Tue 26 August
08H20 - leave Hotel (40 mins. to Rosehill)
09H00 - Indian Immigration Archives 印度移民檔案館 (Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka)
10H30 - Late Sir Jean Ah Chuen Museum 朱梅麟爵士博物館Rosehill
11H30 - Talk by Professor Donald Ah Chuen
12H30 - Lunch
14H00 - leave Rosehill (30 mins. to Pamplemousses)
14H30 - Pamplemousses Garden 植物園
17H00 - leave Pamplemousses Garden (Back to Hotel 20 mins.)
17H20 - Hotel
20H30 - stargazing 觀星

Wed 27 August
08H30 - leave Hotel (75 mins. to Ile Aux Aigrettes)
09H30 - Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve 白鷺島自然保護區
12H30 - Lunch time
14H00 - drive to Le Domaine, Ylang Ylang (50 mins. to Anse Jonchee)
15H00 - Domaine de L'Ylang Ylang 香水蒸餾廠 - Perfume distillery
16H30 - leave Domaine Ylang Ylang (60 mins. to Hotel)
17H30 - Hotel
20H30 - stargazing 觀星

Thur 28 August
08H00 - leave Hotel (60 mins. to Tamarin)
09H00 - Saltpans 鹽田 at Tamarin
10H00 - leave Tamarin (30 mins. to Le Morne)
10H20 - Le Morne Heritage Site 莫納山遺產
12H30 - leave Le Morne (49 mins. to St. Aubin)
* Lunch time
14H00 - Bois Cheri Tea Factory and Tea Museum 茶廠和茶葉博物館 at St. Aubin
15H00 - leave Tea Museum (6 mins. to Grand Bassin)
15H10 - Grand Bassin 大聖湖 , sacred lake, allegedly connected with the waters of Ganges of India.
16H30 - leave Grand Bassin (60 mins. to Hotel)
17H30 - Hotel
20H30 - stargazing 觀星

Fri 29 August
no program
suggested sites

Sat 30 August
no program

Sun 31 August
10H00 - Some additional visit and farewell lunch
17H00 - leave for Airport (1 hr 10 mins. to Airport from Hotel)
18H10 - Airport

Mauritius News

- Updated on 27 July, 2014.