An 11-Day Tour of Mauritius

(17-27 August, 2018)
香港 Hong Kong to 毛里求斯 Mauritius
MK641: August 17 (Fri.) 13:45 HKG - 19:30 MRU

Mauritius to Hong Kong
MK640: August 26 (Sun.) 20:45 MRU - 10:30(+1) HKG (Aug.27)

PLACES OF INTEREST: natural, African, Indian & Chinese heritage


Lectures on
- The natural and African heritage in Mauritius - 29 June, 2018
presentation 1
presentation 2
- The Indian and Chinese and HK heritage in Mauritius - 10 August, 2018
presentation 3

THE ITINERARY (tentative)

Fri 17 August

11H00 - Airport HK
13H45 - Departure by MK641
19H30 - Airport Mauritius
21H00 - Hotel Coral Azur Beach Resort 藍珊瑚度假酒店, Mont Choisy (dinner)

Sat 18 August

07H00 - Breakfast
09H00 - leave for Grand Baie
09H15 - Grand Baie
09H45 - leave for Cap Malheureux
10H00 - Cap Malheureux
10H30 - leave for Pamplemousses Garden
11H00 - Pamplemousses Garden 國家植物園
13H00 - leave for Suger Museum
13H10 - Lunch and visit Suger museum 糖業博物館
16H00 - leave for La Croisette Shopping Mall
16H15 - La Croisette Shopping Mall
17H50- leave for Hotel
18H00 - Hotel
19H00 - dinner

Sun 19 August

07H00 Breakfast
08H00 - leave Hotel (to Ming Tek 45 mins.)
09H00 - Mass At Ming Tek Centre 明德中心 (Rue Eugène Laurent, Port Louis)
gathering with the Chinese Mauritians
12H00 - Nam Shun Fooy Koon Pagoda, 南順會館 immigrants with Ah Fan Tan Wen
12H45 - Port Louis: Kwan Tee Pagoda 關帝廟 - the Fukien 福建 immigrants with Log Choisan
13H00 - Port Louis: Heen Foh Lee Kwon Pagoda 仁和會館, the Hakka 客家 immigrants with Konfortion
14H00 - Port Louis: China Heritage Museum, Remy Ollier Street or the private temple on the top of a tall building.
15H30 - Shrine of Father Laval 黑人之父朝聖地 at Sainte Croix
16H30 - leave Sainte Croix
19H00 - dinner
20H30 - stargazing 觀星
Sun 日 (set 17:58)
Moon月 (set 00:48)
Venus金 Great visibility (set 21:13)
Mars 火 Perfect visibility
Jupiter 木 Fairly good visibility
Saturn 土 Perfect visibility
Uranus天王 Average visiblity (rise 22:38)
- Basic Astronomy
- Stargazing at the sky of the southern hemisphere
- Stargazing tools

Mon 20 August

07H00 Breakfast
08H45 - leave for Appravasi Ghat (50 mins.)
09H30 - Appravasi Ghat 契約勞工發源地 (Immigration Depot, 1834) -World Heritage Site 世界遺產
11H00 - leave for Rose Hill (30 mins.)
11H30 - Late Sir Jean Ah Chuen Museum 朱梅麟爵士博物館
Late Sir Jean Ah Chuen 朱梅麟爵士
12H30 - leave for Bagatelle Mall (20 mins.)
13H00 - lunch time at Bagatelle Mall
14H30 - leave for Sui Loong Elderly Home
15H00 - Sui Loong Elderly Home 瑞龍護老院

17H00 - leave for hortel
18H00 - Hotel
19H00 - dinner
20H30 - stargazing 觀星

Tue 21 August
07H00 Breakfast
free day for sunshine and beach
19H00 - dinner


Wed 22 August

07H00 Breakfast
(move to hotel Anelia Resort & Spa 安內莉雅渡假村別墅及水療中心, Coastal Road, Flic-en-Flac)
09H00 - leave Hotel for Grand Bassin
09H45 - Grand Bassin 大聖湖, sacred lake
10H45 - leave Grand Bassin for Bois Cheri (10 mins.)
11H00 - Visit Bois Cheri Tea Factory and Tea Museum 茶廠和茶葉博物館
*12H00 - Lunch at Bois Cheri Restaurant
14H30 - Visit Saint Aubin House - Traditional Distillery, Vanilla House
15H30 - leave for hotel
16H30 - hotel
19H00 - dinner

Thur 23 August

07H00 Breakfast
08H30 - leave for La Vallée Des Couleurs
09H20 - La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park
14H30 - leave for Rhumerie de Chamarel
15H30 - Rhumerie de Chamarel
17H00 - leave for hotel
17H50 - hotel Anelia
19H00 - dinner
20H30 - stargazing 觀星

Fri 24 August

07H00 Breakfast
09H00 - leave Hotel for Le Morne(40 mins.)
09H45 - Le Morne 莫奈山 -World Heritage Site 世界遺產
12H00 - leave Le Morne
13H00 - lunch at Souillac - Gris Gris
15H00 - leave Souillac
15H40 - Blue Bay - Coral reef
17H30 - leave Blue Bay
18H30 - Hotel
19H00 - dinner
20H30 - stargazing 觀星

Sat 25 August
07H00 Breakfast
free day for sunshine and beach
19H00 - dinner

Sun 26 August

07H00 Breakfast
10H00 - leave for the 7 cascades lodges(45 mins)
10H45 - visit the 7 cascades lodges
*12H00 - lunch buffet
After lunch, free walking around in the nature and see the waterfalls
14H00 - leave for Trou Aux Cerfs Volcano
14H30 - Trou Aux Cerfs Volcano
16H15 - leave for airport
17H00 - Airport
20H45 - MK640

Mon 27 August
10H30 - Hong Kong airport

Bernardin de Saint Pierre (1737-1814), Paul and Mary: an Indian story, 1787.
R.M.Ballantyne (1825-1894), Black Ivory, 1878.
(free ebook/pdf)
Lewis Carroll (1832-1898): Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865),
in Chapters 2 and 3, a fictional character Dodo appears.
Mark Twain (1835-1910), "Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World" written on a year-long, around the world lecture tour in July 1895. On Chapter 26-27, he recorded his visit to Mauritius.

The geography of Mauritius
The formation of volcanic islands
Coral Reefs of the Mascarenes, Western Indian Ocean
Corals tutorial

How humanity first killed the dodo then lost it as well - BBC
Rare dodo skeleton to be auctioned in West Sussex - BBC
discovery of dodo bones
Mare aux Songes - Dodo fossil - BBC

Sugar Industry of Mauritius
Slavery and Colonial Identity in Eighteenth-Century Mauritius
Illegal Slave Trade to Mauritius
Mauritius and Trinidad

Mauritius- Independence and Dependence
The Future of Mauritius
Michelin Guide of Mauritius

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