RST5274: Gothic Cathedral and its culture
Lecturer: Prof. Louis Keloon HA

Photo of Class 2009

Date: Jan. 07 - Apr. 15, 2009 (Wednesdays)
Time: 18:30 - 21:00
Venue: Wong Foo Yuan Bldg (FYB) LT4
Medium of instruction: Cantonese

- La Cathedrale, 1908 - Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)
According to Rodin, the hands do not belong to a single individual but to two people "suggesting human interrelationship as being essential to achieving the spiritual ideal."

This course will present the historical origin and meaning of Gothic cathedrals which sprang up in the 12th century in Europe as a predominant form of cathedral-building. It will also discuss the Gothic style in sculpture, painting, music and literature. The influence of this architectural form on culture in the West will be the main reflection of this course. The topics of the 10 sessions and 2 field trips are as follows:

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 1. (Jan. 07) Abbot Suger (1081-1151) and St. Denis Abbey (c.1140)

 2. (Jan. 14) Chartres cathedral (1194 to 1260)

 3. (Jan. 21) Canterbury Cathedral (1070-1077, 1390-1410)

Jan 28: Chinese New Year Holiday

 4. (Feb. 04) Batalha Monastery Chapel

 5 Field trip 14:15 Feb. 14 Saturday - (Lok Fu, MTR exit B): Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church, 1977, Wan Tau Ham, and St. Andrew's Church, 2006, Hang Hou

 6. Field trip 13:45 Feb. 15 Sunday - (Caritas Centre, Caine Road) St. John's Cathedral 1848 and Immaculate Conception Cathedral, 1888

 7. (Feb. 18) Notre-Dame de Laon (1160-1205)

 8. (Feb. 25) Ely Cathedral (1083-1349)

 9. (Mar. 04) The Cathedral of Amiens

 10. (Mar. 11) Unfinished Gothic Cathedral: La Sagrada Famiglia, Barcelona, St. John the Divine

 11. (Mar. 18) Stained-glass: painting with light

 12. (Mar. 25): - Stained-glass windows - workshop ( Venue: Esther Lee Building Rm 306 - 徐志宇)

Gothic Revival


 1. attendance and quiz (20%)
 2. field trip report (30%) - about 2,000 words by Mar. 04 [softcopy file name: F+SID]
 3. research paper (50%) - about 4,000 words by Apr. 20 [softcopy file name: R+SID]

Recommended declaration to be included in every assignment handed in

Reports and research papers of students will be put on website for the benefit of other fellow students, unless opposed explicitly and reasonably by the relevant student.

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