Agreement of Adjectives

                Simple Sentence


1) Narrative Sentence


- Real:

Pater veniet.
(Father will be coming.)

- Potential:

Fortasse nemo hoc credit.
(Perhaps nobody believes this.)

Velim mecum venias.
(Please come with me.)

- Irreal:

Sine sole terra frigida esset.
(Without the sun, the earth would be cold.)

Cum gladio David non vicisset.
(With a sword, David would not have won.)

- Possible concessive:

Sis sanus, doctus, dives, felix tamen non es.
(You may be healthy, learned, rich, however, you are not happy.)

Ne fueris latro, fur sine dubio eras.
(Even if you have not been a robber, without doubt you were a thief.)

- Impossible consessive:

Fuisses Napoleon, Caesar, num adhuc potens esses?
(Even if you had been Napoleon, Caesar, would you still be powerful?)


2) Affective Sentence


- Possible optative:

Utinam hoc verum sit!
(I wish this to be true!)

Utinam verum dixeris!
(I wish you have told the truth.)

- Impossible optative:

Utinam jam in caelo essem!
(I wish I were in heaven!)

Utinam vixissem tempore Alexandri.
(I wish I had lived in the time of Alexander!)

- Hortative:

Velim cito venias!
(I wish you would come quickly!)

Cito venias, quaeso!
(Please, come quickly!)

- Imperative:

Veni, dic mihi omnia!
(Come, tell me everything!)

Ad omnia vere respondebis!
(You shall answer everything truefully!)

- Prohibitive:

Ne mentiaris!
(You should not lie!)

Noli mentiri!
(Don't lie!)

Ne mentitus sis!
(Never be a liar!)

Hoc non facies!
(You shall not do this!)
Ne loquantur decem simul!
(Don't speak ten persons together!)

Hic non licet ludere.
(Not allow to play here.)


3) Interrogative Sentence


- Simple:

Quis venit?
(Who comes?)

Nonne adhuc vivis?
(Are you still living?)

(Were you afraid?)

- Compound:

Utrum amico credis an inimico?
(Whether you believe in friend or in enemy?)

Esne contentus annon?
(You are content, aren't you?)

- Rhetoric:

Quid turpius est quam peccare?
(What is uglier than to sin?)

Matrem meam ego non diligam?
(Would I not love my mother?)

- Dubitative:

Quid tunc facerem?
(What would I do then?)

Quid nunc dicam?
(What would I say now?)