Introductory Latin in 14 Lessons
- Louis Ha

Lesson 1: The Latin language

Lesson 2: First,Second declension nouns, adjectives

Lesson 3: Third declension nouns

Lesson 4: Third declension adjectives, agreement of adjectives

Lesson 5: Fourth, Fifth declension nouns, comparison of adjectives

Lesson 6: Pronouns

Lesson 7: Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Particles, Numerals

Lesson 8: Forms of verbs, First conjugation verbs

Lesson 9: Second conjugation verbs

Lesson 10: Third conjugation verbs

Lesson 11: Fourth conjugation verbs, chart of conjugations

Lesson 12: Irregular verbs

Lesson 13: Simple Sentence, abbreviated sentence

Lesson 14: Compound sentence, direct and indirect speeches, subjunctive mood



Music with Latin lyrics

Reference material

Latin Maxims

Somnium Scipionis - Cicero

* * *

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